Time Leave Policies and Procedures

This is to advise you of the procedures followed in the Office of Human Resources in recording time for payroll purposes for employees who use the Touch ID system. Please acquaint yourself and your staff with these procedures.

I. Weekly Submission of Employee Time Reports (ETRs)

On Tuesday, the ETR forms are returned to the Human Resources office for processing.

II. Recording of Information on the ETRs

The ETR form contains ample space below the time record in which the supervisor may make necessary notations, such as a change in hours for that particular week, overtime, or work hours that were not recorded by swiping in or out, and notations to charge time to annual leave or sick leave. Please remember that the employee will only be paid based on their established work schedule and provided that their ETR reflects that they were in on the day(s) and the times they were scheduled to work. Any modification to their established schedule in a particular week must be reflected on their ETR and initialed by their supervisor.

Please do not attach any memos or work schedules to the ETR. The Office of Human Resources Staff has been advised to generate paychecks from the ETR and only from the information contained on the ETR.

Some unit heads have delegated to a staff person the responsibility for reviewing the ETR and for noting any necessary adjustments and initialing the ETR. Human Resources will honor that designation. The supervisor must send Human Resources the name of the designee. Only timesheets bearing the supervisor’s signature or the signature of the designee will be processed.

III. Overtime Summary Sheets

While unit heads may delegate to a subordinate the obligation to review and sign ETRs and to initial adjustments that are recorded on the ETRs, only unit heads may sign the weekly Overtime Summary Sheet.

The Overtime Summary Sheet must be prepared each week. The name of each employee who has worked overtime during the week must be entered on the sheet and the amount of overtime they worked recorded. This sheet must accompany the ETRs submitted on Tuesdays and must be signed by the unit head. If no one has worked any overtime on a particular week, an Overtime Summary Sheet need not be prepared.

After the ETRs have been processed, the Office of Human Resources will transmit the Overtime Summary Sheet to the appropriate Vice President or Dean.

IV. Recording of Lateness and Early Departure

Covered employees working a 35 hour week are assumed to work a 9am to 5pm schedule. When the Office of Human Resources is notified in writing by a unit head that the employee works a different schedule, it maintains on file a record of that notification. An employee is paid based on his or her schedule as filed with the Office of Human Resources. The employee is not paid on the basis of the hours swiped in and out. The employee?s ETR is used to determine whether the employee has worked on a particular day, whether they arrived on time, and whether they left early on the days worked.

V. Salary, Annual Leave and Sick Days Deductions

Full-time employees are expected to show up daily for their assigned schedule and part-time employees are expected to report to work in accordance with their established schedule. If an employee is out on a day they are scheduled to work, his/her ETR must indicate that the absence is to be charged to annual leave (A), or sick leave (SL), as appropriate, and this entry must be initialed by the supervisor or his or her designee. If an employee is out on a scheduled workday and no entry is made, the Office of Human Resources assumes the employee was sick and the time will be deducted from the employee?s sick leave account. If the employee has no time in their sick leave bank, the time will be recorded as leave without pay.

VI. Salary Deductions for Late Arrival and Early Departures

Employees who register in after their workday is scheduled to begin or who leave work prior to the end of their scheduled workday will have the lateness or early departure time deducted from their paycheck. Unauthorized late arrivals and early departures are not deducted from an employee?s annual leave bank.

If unit heads authorize the late arrival or early departure, the time may be charged to annual leave or sick leave, whichever is appropriate. To have the time charged to annual leave or sick leave, unit heads or their designee must indicate on the ETR the day and amount of time that should be charged to annual leave (A) or sick leave (SL) and initial the entry, otherwise the time will not be paid. A blue Application for Leave form should also be completed by the employee for the leave time being charged.