Time and Leave Practices for College Emergency Closing

The University has issued written guidelines on the Time and Leave Practices for a College Emergency Closing. Pursuant to these written instructions, the following rules apply:

  • Full-time classified and instructional staff employees, other than essential employees, will be granted leave with pay and without charge to annual leave accruals, except for employees who are on scheduled annual leave or sick leave.
  • Full-time teaching faculty and adjunct teaching instructional staff will receive their regular pay and are expected to make up the lost instructional time.
  • Part-time employees (e.g. college assistants, continuing education teachers, non-teaching adjuncts and adjuncts college laboratory technicians) shall not be paid for the day, but should be permitted to make up the hours of work lost in accordance with the needs and resources of the college. When it is not feasible to assign make-up hours, the college may permit part-time employees to charge the absence to available annual leave, if the collective bargaining agreement covering the title provides annual leave (e.g. college assistants)

To the maximum extent feasible, the college encourages allowing part-time employees to make up lost hours. However, under no circumstances are the hours of a part-time employee being allowed to make up hours to exceed forty hours per week.