Employee Assistance Programs

CCA@Your Service

The CUNY Work/Life Program presented by CCA@Your Service is a confidential, 24/7 employee assistance program provider.  For additional information refer to the program flyer and their list of services. Call TOLL-FREE: 800-833-8707 or visit CCA online (Company Code: CUNY)

Please be reminded that you and your family members have free, confidential access to support, guidance, and referrals for various needs and concerns through CCA@YourService.  Please reach out confidentially to 800-833-8707. Counselors are available 24/7 ready to assist.  You can also log on to www.myccaonline.com for extensive information and resources. Read the tip sheet on common responses and coping strategies, call their toll-free helpline or visit CCA online (information above).

Online Seminars

                  presented by CCA@YourService.  Located under: Online Seminars.  WEBSITE: www.myccaonline.com|COMPANY CODE: CUNY.  CCA@YourService has monthly themes to support you around key work-life issues.  Starting on the date listed, each webinar will be available on-demand to all employees and their families.  


NYC Employee Assistance Program:

For additional information or to make an appointment email eap@olr.nyc.gov or call (212) 306-7660.  Extended hours (8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday through Friday). You can also connect with NYC Well for support 24/7 at nyc.gov/nycwell or 1-866-NYC-WELL.

FREE digital mental health resources* for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic

Find an app to help with:

Wellbeing          Mindfulness          Depression          Anxiety

Stress                Substance Use        Pain

Coping & Wellness Tips

Practice self-care. Be kind to each other. Take five minutes to relax.
Let an NYC EAP Counselor help you breathe.

Mental Well-Being Resources

Suicide Prevention

There are many resources available to support your emotional well-being. If you or someone you know has been impacted by suicide or thoughts of suicide, please know that you’re not alone. CCA provides Free, confidential counseling support—for you and your loved ones—available 24 hours a day by calling CCA’s toll-free helpline 1-800-833-8707.  Please see the flyer for more information. Resources can also be found online at www.myccaonline.com.