Remediation and Abatement for Scaffold Erection Operations Archive


Prepared by the Pei Cobb Freed and Partners Architects, LLP project team and PAL Environmental Safety Corp. for the Scaffold Erection Operation (SEO) in support of the remediation and deconstruction of Fiterman Hall

Submittal Cover Letter 
Remediation Master Table of Contents

Informational Documents:

Preliminary Environmental Characterization Report – Final
February 28, 2007

Attachment I
  • Area Air Sampling for Asbestos (TEM) (Data Summary)
Attachment II
  • Personal Exposure Sampling (Data Summary)
Attachment III
  • Facade Surface Sampling (Data Summary)
  • Metal Wipes Samples taken 9-29-05 (Data Summary)
Attachment IV
  • Asbestos Survey Report (Data Summary)
  • Appendix E
Attachment V
  • LBP Testing (Data Summary)
Attachment VI WTC CoPC Sampling 11-3-05
  • Mercury, Lead, PAHs and PCBs (Data Summary)
  • Metals Wipe Samples (Data Summary)
  • Mercury Vapor Monitoring via Lumex (Data Summary)
  • Microvacuum Samples (Data Summary)
Attachment VII
  • Miscellaneous Building Contents (Inventory)
Attachment VII I Waste Characterization Results
  • 1st Floor Caulking
  • Bulkhead Caulk
  • Water
  • Dust Vacuum Sampling
  • Exterior Netting
  • PPE Sampling 1
  • PPE Sampling 2
  • Roof Ballast
  • York TCLP

Preliminary Facade Characterization Report – Red Line and Final
March 16, 2007

Attachment A
  • Exterior Wipes
  • Metal Wipes Samples taken 9-29-05
Attachment B
  • Summary of Inspection Results
Attachment C
  • Lead-Based Paint Testing Results
Attachment D
  • Roof Ballast
Attachment E
  • West Elevation ATM Location Plan
  • Flash Detailing ATM Location Plan

Regulatory Documents:

Regulatory Submittal Part I –
Scaffold Work Plan – Red Line and Final
March 16, 2007
  •DOL Notification
  •DOL Petition for Varience (Letter)
  •DOL Varience Application form
  •ASB-6 Pilot Program Locations
  • Flash Detailing ATM Location Plan
  • Logistics Plan for Pipe Scaffolding Layout
  • Scaffold Tie-In Diagram
  • Waste Transportation Permit
EPA Notification to be submitted 10 days prior to
the start of activity at the Site.

Regulatory Submittal Part II –
Environmental Community Air Monitoring Program – Red Line and Final
March 16, 2007
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan Red Line and Final

Regulatory Submittal Part III –
Health & Safety Plan
February 28, 2007

Regulatory Submittal Part IV –
Scaffold Waste Plan with QAPP – Final
February 28, 2007
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan for the Scaffolding Waste Plan
  • Dust Vacuum Sampling


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