What can I do if I am notified I am in default?

What can I do if I am notified I am in default?

Contact your Direct Loan Servicer. They will discuss with you the possibilities for regaining your eligibility for financial aid and rehabilitating your loan.

You may regain eligibility for federal financial aid by making satisfactory payment arrangements on your defaulted loan with the loan servicer or guarantee agency handling your account. A satisfactory repayment arrangement is defined as making 6 consecutive voluntary monthly payments of an amount determined reasonable and affordable based on your financial circumstances.

If you make 9 consecutive, voluntary, and on-time monthly payments under an agreement with the loan servicer or guarantee agency, you will qualify for loan rehabilitation. Loan rehabilitation provides you with a “second chance” by removing your student loan from default status, restoring financial aid eligibility and reinstating deferment privileges.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Default Resolution Group is committed to helping you resolve issues with your defaulted loan. Learn how they can help you address your defaulted loan at the Debt Resolution portal.

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