Will TAP pay for my summer classes?

Yes, if you meet certain requirements. First, you must file a TAP Application for the new academic year and request payment for the summer term. In order to calculate your award eligibility, all periods of summer attendance will be added together to form a single summer term.

The enrollment requirements for a summer TAP award are relatively stringent (see especially #3 below):

  1. If your combined summer session enrollment totals 12 or more credits (with at least 6 degree credits), you may be considered full-time for TAP enrollment purposes. If you receive a full-time summer TAP award, you will utilize one full semester of your remaining TAP eligibility.
  2. If your combined summer session enrollment totals at least 6 but fewer than 12 equated credits, you may be able to receive a TAP payment for half-time study. You must be registered for at least 3 degree credits as part of your summer course load. If you receive a half-time summer TAP award, you will utlize one-half semester of your remaining TAP eligibility.
  3. You must have earned at least 24 degree credits in the 2 semesters immediately prior to the summer term to qualify for either a full-time or a half-time summer TAP award. These credits could have been earned in any combination (12 + 12, 8 + 16, etc.). Also, only up to three credits of enrollment in each of the two prior semesters may consist of non-credit equated hours.

Information about summer TAP awards may not always be available in time for summer term registration/bill payment. In the event that this information is not available, you may have to pay your tuition from other resources and receive a refund from the College at a later time.

All use of TAP during the summer counts against your remaining TAP eligibility. You may receive no more than 6 full semester TAP payments at a community college.

Can I get TAP for repeating a course?