Can I get PELL for summer or winter session classes?

You may be eligible receive PELL for attending either the summer or winter session. BMCC’s winter session is considered part of the spring term.  That means courses that you enroll in the winter session will be added to your spring semester enrollment for the purpose of calculating a Federal Pell Grant for the spring term.Due to changes in Pell Grant funding, you can now receive Pell Grant for up to the equivalent of 3 full-time semesters. That means you can receive a Pell Grant in the summer session without it affecting your fall or spring awards. There is one exception: if you receive a full-time Pell Grant in the summer, and a full-time Pell Grant in the fall, you must enroll in at least 6 credits in the winter/spring term to receive the additional Pell payment for that term. Calculated summer Pell Grant estimates can be applied against tuition charges to your summer session bill.

Remember that payment of a summer or winter session Pell Grant depends on your attendance in the classes you are enrolled in. Dropping or withdrawing from classes may reduce or cancel your award and result in a tuition balance owed the college. If you receive PELL for enrolled classes you fail to attend, you will have to return those funds immediately to the college.

How long can I receive PELL?