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The Excelsior Scholarship

Can I lose eligibility for the scholarship?

Yes. You can lose the scholarship if you do not continue to meet all the eligibility requirements. For example, you must enroll in at least 12-15 credits per term and successfully complete 30 credits per year to continue receiving the scholarship. Once the award is lost it cannot be restored.

You could also lose the scholarship if New York State does not provide sufficient funding to cover all eligible students. In the case of a funding shortfall, the state would choose recipients according to a lottery with preference given to continuing students.

However, not receiving an Excelsior Scholarship does not in any way affect your ability to apply for or receive grant assistance from any other source of funding such as TAP or Pell. These programs have their own requirements that are separate from the requirements for the Excelsior Scholarship.

Are there any other requirements that I must meet after I complete my degree?

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