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The Excelsior Scholarship

What are the enrollment requirements?

You must enroll full-time and complete 30 degree credits by the end of your first year of college to receive the scholarship. Full-time enrollment means taking at least 12 credits in the fall and spring semesters in courses that meet the requirements of your curriculum/major. Winter and summer session classes can be included as part of your total enrollment so that you meet the 30 credit completion requirement for the year.

Remedial coursework may NOT be included in the semester full-time enrollment requirement to qualify for an Excelsior Scholarship. You must meet the annual 30 degree credit requirement to remain eligible for this scholarship, even if you have to take remedial courses.

The credit accumulation requirement for the Excelsior Scholarship is measured starting from the first semester you began college. You must continue to meet the 30 credits per year completion requirement to receive the scholarship in subsequent years. An associate degree student will be expected to accumulate 60 degree credits in 4 semesters.

It is recommended that Excelsior Scholarship recipients enroll in at least 15 degree credits every semester and use winter or summer study as back-up to ensure that 30 credits are completed each year.  Although the Excelsior Scholarship will not pay the tuition for summer or winter sessions, there may be other types of financial aid to help you cover the costs of attending the winter or summer sessions.

How do I apply?

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