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What do I need to know about the NYS Good Academic Standing requirement?

One of the eligibility requirements for receiving TAP and other forms of NYS tuition assistance is that you remain in good academic standing according to state guidelines. If you do not meet the New York State Good Academic Standing requirements in any semester you receive TAP, you will lose your eligibility for TAP, PTAP, APTS and other New York State award programs. Further payments of these awards to you will be stopped.

If you have lost eligibility for TAP due to not meeting the good academic requirement, you can regain good academic standing and restore your eligibility for New York State award programs by any one of the following procedures:

If you feel you may be eligible for a TAP/APTS waiver, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Obtain a TAP/APTS Waiver Request Form from the Bursar's Office.
  2. Provide an explanation of your circumstances on the request form. You should attempt to document all pertinent facts related to your case. The final decision will be based on the documentation received.
  3. See a Student Life Counselor to help you fill out the form and advise you on what documentation you may need. Make sure the counselor signs and dates the form.
  4. Obtain faculty statements, if necessary, and attach them to the request. Faculty statements should be submitted by persons whom you feel will help the Committee on Academic Standing better understand your case.
  5. Sign, date and return your request, with all supporting documentation, to the Registrar's Office.
  6. After your request has been acted upon by the Committee, you will be notified of the action taken on your case by means of a letter to your home address.

The following criteria are the possible reasons for being considered for a TAP/APTS waiver:

Personal Criteria

Academic Criteria

If you are granted a TAP/APTS waiver, you can continue to be eligible for New York State tuition assistance for that semester only. In order to continue to be eligible in any following semester, you must again begin to meet the Academic Progress and Program Pursuit requirements as stated in the NYS Good Academic Standing Charts for the payment indicated. Remember: you may be granted a waiver from the New York State academic standing requirements only once!

Will my previous use of TAP at another college affect my eligibility at BMCC?

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