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Federal Work-Study

Federal Direct Subsidized Loan

Are there any other limitations on the amount I may borrow?

Yes. You may not borrow more than the cost of attendance at BMCC minus the expected family contribution (EFC) minus any other financial aid you receive. Before processing your loan request, the Financial Aid Office will calculate the amount of loan assistance you are eligible for.

If your period of enrollment is less than a full academic year the amount of loan assistance you are entitled to may be less than the maximum amounts listed above.

If you are receiving your first Federal Direct Loan on or after July 1, 2013, or have no outstanding balance on a loan that you have repaid, you can receive Subsidized Loans for a period not to exceed 150% of the length of your educational program. If you must continue to borrow after exceeding the 150% limit in order to continue your program, you will only be eligible for Unsubsidized Loans. In addition, you will begin to be charged interest on the Subsidized Loans you have already borrowed, even though you are still enrolled in classes.

Note that the Office of Financial Aid may refuse to process your loan request or may otherwise reduce the amount of your loan, if it provides you with a written explanation for its decision.

When should I apply for a loan?

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