James Hoff

Assistant Professor, English

James Hoff received his PhD in English and American Studies from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2012. His teaching and research interests range from nineteenth century American romanticism and transatlantic modernism, to modernist culture and contemporary poetics. He has taught courses across CUNY on composition, the emergence of modern literature, nineteenth and twentieth century American poetry, the American renaissance, sex and sexuality in American literature, journalism, and the literature of New York.
His research focuses primarily on the naturalist and pragmatist underpinnings of modernist aesthetics in a group of influential American poets, including: Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, John Ashbery, and A.R. Ammons. He is currently revising several chapters of his doctoral dissertation: “Endless Assents: John Dewey, Aesthetic Experience, and the Promise of American Poetry” for publication in academic journals.