Creative Arts Day 2014

Elizabeth Berlinger, English


On a sunny morning, the week before Thanksgiving, the creative fruits of BMCC faculty and staff were in full bloom. Creative Arts Day, held on November 18, 2014, presented a stunning collection of faculty and staff artwork and performances that ranged from oil painting to travel photography, from Irish to Haitian dance, and from poetry reading to piano and singing. The event was organized by Zhanna Yablokova (English) and Thaddeus Radell (Music and Art).


Creative Arts Day gave faculty and staff the chance to share pursuits often followed outside the classroom. Over thirty faculty and staff members showcased their artistic work.


Starting at 11 a.m., visitors encountered a stand of easels featuring colorful paintings and drawings, still-life and abstract, while sculpture, textile and beaded art, photographs, and graphic design were displayed on tables. As an added treat, some of the participating artists were on hand to talk with visitors.


As light streamed into the Richard Harris Terrace, professors lingered in front of etchings and wearable ties, sharing space with developmental English students studying and writing about the day. English Professor Damele Collier sat at a table with her powerful, sculptural work focusing on beauty and self-image, speaking to viewers. An overhead projector offered further visual stimulation, lifting the gaze up past conversations about art.


In the early afternoon, ten equally creative and illuminating performing art and literary readings began. Audience migrated to seats facing the windows, where Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Michael Gillespie, introduced the day and praised the many faculty and staff who had made it possible. And then, guitar, cello, flute, piano, and voice joined dance and poetry, prose, and drama. Each unique performance offered audience members a slice of a different cultural or artistic tradition, celebrating the unique confluence of worlds within BMCC.


When the event drew to a close by 3 p.m., Creative Arts Day 2014 had fulfilled its promise of unfurling the strikingly diverse range of artistic expression at BMCC. Make sure to participate in, or attend, Creative Arts Day 2016.


Creative Arts Day 2014 Participants: Elizabeth Berlinger (English), Tess Bilhartz (Music and Art), Simon Carr (Music and Art), Damele Collier (English), Patrizia Comello Perry (Modern Languages), Elisa Decker (Music and Art), Mark Donnelly (English), Kate Garrison (Developmental Skills), Mario Giacalone (Tribeca Performing Arts Center), Peter Greenwald (Music and Art), Sarah Haviland (Music and Art), Susan Horowitz (English), Shawn Jackson (Business Management), Rolando Jorif (English), Maureen Keenan (Music and Art), Vladimir Kezerashvili (Science), Jin-Ok Lee (Music and Art), Virginia MacKenzie (English), Chris McCarthy (Mathematics), Charles McGill (Music and Art), Khristina Narizhnaya (English), Kathleen Offenholley (Mathematics), Thaddeus Radell (Music and Art), Jessica Ramirez (Music and Art), Robert Reed (Music and Art), Diana Rickard (Social Sciences and Human Services), Edith Robbins (Science), Alizabeth Towery (Music and Art), Darcy Sternberg (Speech, Communications, and Theater Arts), Maria do Carmo de Vasconcelos and Phil Eggers (English), Kristina Varade (Modern Languages), and Lina Wu (Mathematics).


Special thanks to: Dean Michael Gillespie / Academic Affairs, Rukiya J. Goddard / Academic Affairs, Megan Elias / CETLS, Vinton A. Melbourne / Media Center, Anita Samuels / Administration and Planning - Events, Tanya Hughes / Administration and Planning – Events, Carol Cleveland/ BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center and James Boyle / Buildings and Grounds.