A Gallery of One's Own: Publications Day 2014

Maureen Matarese, Developmental Skills


Scholars from across BMCC featured their textbooks, creative works, monographs, edited volumes, and journal articles at Publications Day, held at the Richard Harris Terrace on May 8, 2014. The expo-style event drew a large crowd with over 80 faculty and staff participating. The event was coordinated by Prof. Maureen T. Matarese (Developmental Skills) and Prof. Phyllis Niles (Library), with the help of the CETLS Board, including particularly Acting CETLS Director, Prof. Susie Boydston-White.


Celebrating Faculty Accomplishments


Senior and junior faculty showcased their work at display tables spread around the Richard Harris Terrace. Faculty participated from Business Administration; Computer Information Systems; Developmental Skills; English; Health Education; Library; Mathematics; Modern Languages; Music and Art; Nursing; Science; Social Sciences and Human Services; Speech, Communications, and Theatre Arts; and Teacher Education. Each department had at least one table. The Science and Modern Language departments had several tables since so many of their faculty presented their publications. The English and Developmental Skills departments also had large numbers of faculty presenting their work. 


Administration attended, including Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Michael Gillespie; Acting Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Robert Messina; Director of Research, Helene Bach; and our new Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Karrin Wilks. Publications Day provided an excellent opportunity for senior administration to learn about exciting, important scholarly work being done by BMCC faculty.


Publications Day gave BMCC faculty an opportunity to celebrate their scholarly accomplishments. Scholarly writing, whether empirical or creative, moves the magnifying glass over some aspect of life yet unanalyzed.


Publications Day Past, Present and Future


In recent years, Publications Day at BMCC was held in the CETLS conference room. Publications Day showcased the work of a group of faculty, or centered on a particular issue or topic. For example, the theme of Publications Day 2013 was non-traditional publications.


What Wallace Stevens wrote of poets holds true for academics: we address ourselves not to a "chamber of commerce, but to a gallery of one's own.” The broad scope of this year’s event provided “a gallery of one’s own,” wherein faculty could learn about the research and scholarship in which each department is engaged, connections between their work and research in other departments, and disciplinary nuances of academic work more generally.


CETLS has some ideas for making next year’s event even better. Department chairs and senior faculty will be personally invited. CETLS will likely shorten the event and develop a space for less traditional publications. CETLS also hopes to develop an award for faculty scholarship. They also may include a short panel on “getting published.” The event will be organized by Prof.  Phyllis Niles and CETLS board newcomer Prof. Amy Sodaro (Social Sciences and Human Services).


We look forward to next year’s event, and to the continued acknowledgement and celebration of our faculty’s academic accomplishments. Until then, keep writing!