Provost and Senior Vice President Dr. Sadie Bragg on CETLS

Jan Stahl, English

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of TLC/CETLS, Prof. Jan Stahl, English, interviewed Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Sadie Bragg.

Read on for her perspective on CETLS!    

FACULTY FOCUS: Five years ago in an interview for Faculty Focus, you said that when the TLC was founded, “It was simply a place where faculty could go to discuss issues relating to their teaching.” How do you see CETLS now? Has it changed much?

VP BRAGG: An important change is that the number of BMCC faculty, including full-time and adjunct faculty, has doubled over the twenty years from the founding of the Center in 1991. We have grown over twenty years, and CETLS has to keep growing in terms of what it provides for us.

Another important change is the facility of CETLS. When the TLC was founded, it was just a room. It did not look the same as it does today. CETLS is now a comfortable, attractive place for faculty to gather and discuss many types of issues, not just those related to teaching and learning. Conversations at CETLS are varied. At CETLS faculty can meet and share their scholarly work, the use of technology, tutoring and advising issues, as well as other academic matters.

An additional important change is that the Center is no longer directed by faculty on reassigned time. We now have a full-time director devoted solely to the work of CETLS. The director, Dr. Victoria Mondelli, with support from various advisory board members and team leaders, is able to provide many more activities for faculty and staff. I’m very happy with the changes that have been made.

FACULTY FOCUS: What are your visions for the future of CETLS?

VP BRAGG: I envision CETLS providing more opportunities for faculty and staff to engage in discussions on teaching, learning, tutoring and advising by inviting guest speakers to present at the Center.

We have faculty members at BMCC who have produced excellent scholarship. I see CETLS as a place to highlight the scholarly work of BMCC faculty and their accomplishments as well as those of staff.

My visions for the future of CETLS include exploring ways to include all of BMCC – faculty, staff, and students – in envisioning the future of CETLS. The college welcomes their thoughts on the future of CETLS.

FACULTY FOCUS: What is your favorite memory of the TLC? 

VP BRAGG: I have many favorite memories of the TLC. Two immediately come to mind. First, the actual founding of the TLC and the opening of the Center – it was a great time of celebration for the entire college. Profs. Jean Withrow and Patricia Wilkinson, wrote the grant that founded the Center. They were the geniuses behind it all.

Second, the excitement surrounding having a place where faculty could explore, discuss, agree and disagree about issues on teaching and learning was very rewarding.     

FACULTY FOCUS: What else would you like to talk about?

VP Bragg: I’d like to congratulate all the faculty members who served as directors or co-directors of the TLC. It was they who laid the foundation for what is now CETLS. Even though each director was different, they all agreed with what the Center should be doing – have faculty come together, share ideas, and take those ideas back to the classroom. That’s what teaching and learning is all about.