Popular Culture, Ecological Philosophy, and 100 Cups of Coffee: A Tale of Two Sabbaticals Conflict in Class and Tips on Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Jack Estes, Social Sciences

Presented by Jack Estes, Social Sciences and Matthew Ally, Social Sciences on February 24, 2011

Regular feedback and planned meetings help the writing process, according to Jack Estes, an Assistant Professor of Sociology. Prof. Estes spoke about his work during his recent sabbatical leave. He presented the talk alongside Prof. Matthew Ally, who also had a sabbatical leave that same year. Planned weekly meetings helped keep Prof. Estes focused. Prof. Estes' work consisted of developing a textbook for sociology with a major theme of popular culture. The manuscript is being considered by publishers at this time. Part of the presentation covered the challenges of research and writing, and part of it covered the challenges of finding a publisher. Because of the ephemeral nature of popular culture, the book presents unique challenges.