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Sustainability Fair Poster Session 2014

Catarina Mata, Science, and Matthew Geddis, Science

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 It isn’t easy being green, but at the 2014 BMCC Sustainability Fair on April 28, BMCC faculty, staff, and students showcased that they are doing their part. BMCC faculty mentored students to conduct research and present posters on a variety of topics from heavy metal pollutants, to water quality at BMCC, to solar panel tracking systems. Such topics have common solutions to problems that will help us stay healthier, and leave a cleaner, more sustainable environment for generations to come.

New to this year’s poster session was the display of posters on flat panel screens, eliminating the need to print posters on paper. Posters were developed from both original laboratory and literature research. Posters were evaluated by members of the BMCC administration, faculty and staff for poster format, clearly defined hypothesis, presentation of results, impact to field, and demonstration of knowledge of the project.

Two posters tied for first place and two tied for second place. “Biological characterization of heavy-metal tolerant and antibiotic-resistant bacteria from contaminated soil,” presented by students Jaiprakash Chrisandut and Aned Gomez was one poster that won first place. Prof. Sarah Salm (Science) and Prof. Lauren Goodwyn (Science) mentored these students. Also in first place was “Bioactivity of two traditional medicinal plants: Ocimum tenuiflorum and Petiveria alliacea,” presented by students Jenish Karmacharya and Jeff Hedrick. These students were mentored by Prof. Alexander Gosslau (Science) and Prof. Adolfina Koroch (Science).

Second place posters were presented by student Karla Ortiz, “Biosorption of phosphate by novel biomaterials: an asset against eutrophication of water resources,” and students Humoyun Musaev and Saidakbar Irkakhujaev, “Elimination of cobalt (II) ions by low-cost adsorbents from contaminated wastewater.” Prof. Abel Navarro (Science) mentored the second place poster winners.

First prize posters were awarded Kindles and second prize posters were awarded gift cards. All student presenters received metro cards.

Congratulations to all the students and faculty who participated! Also thank you to the organizers and contributors of this year’s Sustainability Fair, especially Prof. Cynthia Wiseman, Developmental Skills; Tassia Rosa, NYPIRG; and Scott Anderson, Vice President of Administration and Planning. The BMCC Sustainability Fair 2014 featured speaker Amy Heinemann of Sustainable CUNY, and Eric Weltman from the Food and Water Watch. Information tables hosted by various green organizations including Pratt Center for Community Development provided the 250+ attendees with valuable information about sustainable practices that can have a significant impact on their lives.