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New FIG: Art across the Curriculum

Michelle Wang (Business Management) and Lane Glisson (Library)

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What happens when college students walk into an art museum?  How does it change their perception of the world and their place within it? How can such changes be measured? These are some of the questions we consider in our Art across the Curriculum Faculty Interest Group (FIG).


The Art across the Curriculum Faculty Interest Group (FIG) invites our colleagues to think about new ways to enrich students’ experience through exposure to the arts. The FIG provides faculty with a unique opportunity to be innovative in revising existing courses and creating new course assignments that integrate the arts into their curriculum. We will meet once a month during fall and spring semesters.


The analytical skills required to respond to a work of art are similar to the skills needed to read a text or write an effective research paper. Just as the sciences require evidence-based empirical observation, the analysis of art develops students’ abilities to observe and draw conclusions. Students who are visual learners respond very well to topics presented in conjunction with an aesthetic component.


Art across the Curriculum was organized in June 2013. This Faculty Interest Group is an extension of an initiative at BMCC to provide students with an advanced education and help them build analytical and problem-solving skills through the practice of art. As part of this initiative BMCC maintains a partnership with the Rubin Museum of Art. Benefits of the partnership include:

-          Opportunities for professors to take their students to the Rubin Museum for a class that is tailored to support their course’s learning outcomes,

-           Funded support for professors who want to develop a class that includes art awareness,

-          Free admission to the Rubin Museum for students, professors, and staff of BMCC. 


The ongoing Institutional Partnership between BMCC and the Rubin Museum of Art resulted in a steering committee formed in October 2012 under the leadership of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Michael Gillespie. The committee, composed of faculty members from the Business, Library, English, Teacher Education, Art, and Sciences Departments, believes that participating in art enhances our students’ abilities to learn, understand, and function on an enhanced aesthetic level throughout their lives.


The Art across the Curriculum Faculty Interest Group offers a way for instructors from different departments to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects that bring art into the classroom. 


For more information about participating in the Art across the Curriculum Faculty Interest Group, and integrating art in your classroom, please contact the coordinators, Prof. Michelle Wang (Business Management) and Prof. Lane Glisson (Library):,