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Creative Arts and Crafts Day 2012

Sarah Haviland, Music and Art

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Creativity flowed in the Richard Harris Terrace on Creative Arts and Crafts Day, March 21, 2012. The day’s event, organized by Prof. Zhanna Yablokova (English) and Prof. Thaddeus Radell (Music and Art) included presentations by over 30 participants displaying their talents in visual arts, handcrafts, music, vocal, and dance performances, poetry and translation readings, dramatic monologues, and culinary skills.

The event was sponsored by the BMCC Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship and was introduced by Dean Michael Gillespie of Academic Affairs.

Visual Arts and Crafts

Expressive drawings and prints by Prof. Simon Carr (Music and Art), Prof. Thaddeus Radell (Music and Art), and Prof. Erik Saxon (Music and Art) were on display. Photographs of travel near and far were presented by Profs. Maria de Vasconcelos and Philip Eggers (English), Prof. Deborah Gambs (Social Sciences), Prof. Linda Wadas (Library), Prof. Elise Pigeron (Developmental Skills), and Prof. Howard Sage (Developmental Skills).

Knitting, crocheting, and quilting skills were exhibited by Prof. Juliet Emanuel (Developmental Skills), and Ms. Elba Pena-Amadiz (Staff, English). Prof. Kathleen Offenholley (Mathematics) displayed a quilt of dynamic “snails, trails, and pinwheels.”

Prof. Rolando Jorif (English), Ms. Shurlan Millien (Staff, English), and Prof. Isabel Pavao-Horvath (Music and Art) presented richly colorful paintings, while the dramatic mixed-media work of Prof. Shawn Jackson (Business Management), with Ms. Ernani Silva, included starry three-dimensional patterns made of nails.


An open “stage” area opposite the exhibition tables offered plenty of seats for the audience to linger. The music component began with painting instructor Prof. Linda Kpaka (Music & Art) singing to piano accompaniment, followed by the vocals of Mr. Lester Lambert (Staff, Continuing Education). Prof. Susan Horowitz (English) treated the audience to a singing performance, and Prof. Gabriella Morvay (Developmental Skills) played a waltz on the piano.

Theatre Arts

Introducing the theatre arts was a fascinating 3D set design by Prof. Elizabeth Chaney (Speech, Communications, and Theatre Arts) for a production of Life’s a Dream. A sizzling scene from the same play by Calderon de Barca was directed by Prof. Diane Dowling (Speech, Communications, and Theatre Arts), with performances by students David Sanchez and Wendy Torres.



Literary readings followed, including powerful poems by Mr. Robert Cortes (Counseling and Advisement Center), and Prof. Page Delano (English). Prof. James Tolan (English) read poems from his book, Red Walls, about a working class boy’s relationship with his father. A satiric monologue by Prof. Sherry Engle (Speech, Communications, and Theatre Arts) offered feminist and character revelations in the classic story of Jason and the Golden Fleece. Prof. Margaret Carson (Modern Languages) read a selection from her translation of My Two Worlds by Argentinian fiction writer Sergio Chejfec.

Tasty Treats

Ms. Nadia Bruce (College Computer Center) added spice to the proceedings with a culinary demonstration and a tasting of her cupcakes designed to look like Easter baskets.


Culminating the day and further demonstrating creative range were two spirited dance interpretations. Prof. Elisa Decker (Music and Art) performed a dance ritual from Haitian folklore, honoring a Vodou drumming master. And Prof. Pat Genova (Music and Art) called on the spirit of duende, or inspiration, in her passionate Spanish flamenco performance. All the senses were rewarded on this day, as faculty and staff treated the BMCC community to a taste of their talents.