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Lina Wu started her education in China. In 2000, she received her M.S. at Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Chinese Academic Science. After she arrived in the United States, she studied at University of Oklahoma and received her Ph.D in mathematics in 2006. While studying for her Ph.D, she was co-author of published math research papers. Her research area was Differential Geometry. She began her teaching career as an assistant professor at University of Toledo in 2006. In 2009, she was invited to present her research work regarding p-harmonic theory in the Women’s Mathematics Program of Advanced Study Institute at Princeton University. She later moved to New York City where her husband is located. She is currently teaching at BMCC as an assistant professor in math. Her goal is to inspire student to learn math and to make math easy and interesting. While teaching math, she also has a strong desire to do math research and attend math conference.



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