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Phone: +1 (212) 220-1346


Mathematics and Religion, Mathematics and Art, Mathematics and Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright


  • B.S. Wheeling College, Mathematics,1974
  • M.S. West Virginia University, Mathematics,1976
  • Ph.D. Virginia Tech, Mathematics – Hyperspace Topology,1980

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Research and Projects

  • Cross Stitching, Graph Theory and a Least Path Problem

    Needlework has been an important part of every culture from the time of our earliest civilizations.  Cross-stitching is currently one of the most popular pastimes among people of all ages and both sexes. In this paper, we will discuss how graph theory can be used to determine a stitching scheme for completing a cross stitch pattern with the least amount of thread.


  • Modeling Heraldry using Shape Grammars

    Heraldry is the science that studies arms, colored emblems that represent an individual, family or community.  The system of rules that govern how arms are designed is called blazon.  The rule of blazon can be modeled using a mathematical structure called a shape grammar, which consists of a set of shapes and functions defined on those shapes.


  • Deception and Detection: The Trickster Archetype in the film, The Big Lebowski, and its Cult Following. , Trickster’s Way
  • Ad Tracking, Brank Equity Research and … Your Honors Program?, Honors in Practice
  • Integrating Elements of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architectural and Decorative Designs in a Liberal Arts Mathematics Class, Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

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