Frequently Asked Questions

Could I request reassigned time in my application?

No. Reassigned time is not authorized for the Faculty Development Grant 2022-2023 cycle.

Are the funds taxable?

If you choose to use some or all of the funds to purchase equipment, materials, electronic devices, etc., the funds will not be taxable, but the items will be purchased by and become the property of BMCC. Please notice that the purchased equipment is a property of BMCC and cannot be removed from campus upon termination of the recipient’s employment. Travel expenses are also tax exempt. Keep in mind that you will need to demonstrate why the material/equipment/travel, etc. is essential to the project.

Does the grant support summer research?

No. Summer salary is not authorized for the FD Grant 2022-2023 cycle.

Can the PI use research funds to pay student assistants?

Yes, funds may be used for research assistants. Again, this should be outlined in the budget, which should make clear what type of assistant will be hired (educational level, experience, expected pay, expected hours). This should also be described in the timeline. Proposals that specifically support the hiring of BMCC students will be given additional consideration.

Are collaborative projects eligible? How will the funds be distributed?

No. Faculty may only apply as individuals.

Can I propose a project in an area in which I have no previous experience?

Yes, but the reviewers will assess whether or not you have the expertise and the experience to complete the project. You should indicate in your project narrative how past work has prepared you for the new line of inquiry or creative project, and/or how you have developed the skill set necessary to complete the project. Reviewers will consider past publications and grant awards on unrelated topics as evidence of your ability to complete new projects.

Are preliminary results required for a successful application?

No. However, if you have already completed earlier stages of the project, this strengthens the case that you will be able to continue and complete the project.