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BMCC Distinguished Teaching Award

BMCC is committed to promoting and recognizing excellence in teaching and learning. The BMCC Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes faculty whose sustained excellence in teaching incites intellectual curiosity in students, inspires colleagues both within and outside his/her department, and demonstrates effective and innovative pedagogy with clear evidence of student learning gains.   

Previous award winners


  • Sharon Avni
  • Paula Field
  • Janice Mahinka
  • Lara Stapleton




All faculty nominated for the award must have maintained a consistent record of outstanding teaching performance and have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to student success. Faculty eligible for nomination/application include: full-time tenured professors, full-time lecturers with CCE, and adjunct faculty with ten or more semesters of teaching at BMCC. Faculty can receive only one Distinguished Teaching Award during their time at BMCC. 

Selection Criteria

In general, Distinguished Teachers will excel in a combination of the following areas:

  • Ability to inspire, guide, and mentor students.
  • A record of outstanding teaching effectiveness as evidenced by student evaluations and peer observations.
  • Pedagogical approaches that are engaging, innovative, and intellectually rigorous and reflective of current trends in the field.
  • Pedagogical approaches and assessments that result in improved student learning outcomes.
  • Innovation in course design or redesign, or contribution to developing or enhancing curriculum in the field.
  • Effective service as mentor, collaborator, and/or consultant to other faculty.

Application Process

Any member of the BMCC community, including students, may nominate an eligible faculty; nominations must be forwarded to the faculty member and his/her department chair. Nominees must inform their chair as to whether or not they will complete an application package as described below. Faculty may nominate themselves and must notify their chair as such. Nominations open in November. Those nominated will be notified in early January. The Distinguished Teaching Award deadline has been extended to March 12 at Noon.

The nominee is responsible for assembling a complete application package, which must include:

  • A cover sheet that includes name; rank; department; date of tenure or CCE for full-time faculty; semesters taught for adjunct faculty; and a statement of consent for Selection Committee to review BMCC student evaluations of teaching on file.
  • A personal statement of 4-6 pages that includes name of discipline, list of courses taught, teaching philosophy and pedagogy, and addresses how the nominee meets the selection criteria as detailed above, and why he/she is deserving of distinction as a teacher.  This statement may include descriptions of student assignments or projects, assessment instruments, or documentation of student learning. 
  • A current CV.
  • Two letters of reference, including one from a former student and one from a peer; letters must be collected by the nominee and included in the application package. 

Nominees must submit complete application packages electronically to the Office of Academic Affairs at distinguishedteachingaward 
Incomplete applications will not be considered

Selection Process and Nature of Awards

Applications packages will be reviewed by an ad hoc Distinguished Teaching Award Committee established in the Academic Senate, and including the Associate Dean of Faculty. The committee will be chaired by a faculty member from the Academic Senate. 

Awards will be made annually. The Committee will recommend award recipients to the President, who will make the final determination of Distinguished Teaching Awards for the year. Recipients will be notified in April.

An annual reception to honor recipients will be held in Spring. Distinguished Teachers will be invited to present at Faculty Convocation and in the Teaching Academy. Distinguished Teachers will be featured in BMCC news stories.  Applicants who are not selected for awards are eligible to re-apply in future years.