CRT 100.5 5000 - Critical Thinking for ACR 95

This course combines Critical Thinking (CRT 100) with Academic and Critical Reading (ACR 95). Critical Thinking is designed to develop the mind and help sharpen students’ ability to think clearly, logically, thoroughly, critically, and effectively. Through substantive readings, structured writing assignments and ongoing discussions, students will learn to use analytical skills in reading, writing, oral presentations, researching, and listening. Students will examine concrete examples from their own experience and readings and contemporary issues in the media to learn how to analyze issues, solve problems, and make informed decisions in their academic, professional, and personal lives. While studying Critical Thinking, students will also study advanced level reading to master and apply a full range of college-level reading and academic skills, including critical comprehension, vocabulary, writing, flexible rates of reading, and study strategies. Students will receive an earned grade in CRT 100.5 and a passing grade will be equivalent to passing CRT 100. Exemption from developmental reading classes will be based on class work and passing the CUNY exam.

Course Credit:

Prof. Brian Kelley

Special Instructions and Information:

This course meets every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7:10pm in S736.