SOC 100 0500 - Introduction to Sociology

Official Course Description:

This course analyzes the structure, processes and products associated with group living. Attention is focused on the concepts of social organization, culture, groups, stratification, major social institutions and significant trends in group living.

This course examines the basics of sociology. Broadly speaking, sociology is the study of society. More specifically, sociology examines the interactions among social institutions, cultures, groups, and individuals. It focuses on how unequal power relations organize the social world and shape individual lives. It also looks at how individuals negotiate their lives in different social, economic, and political contexts. Sociologists rely on different theories and methods to study social worlds. In this course, we will study different theories and methods used within sociology and cover a broad spectrum of topics using critical sociological perspectives. We will pay particular attention to how people's lived experiences are both shaped by social forces and reshaped through human action.

Course Credit: 3

Professor: Robin Isserles |

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