OFF 111 0500 - Computer Keyboarding

This course is designed to teach beginning students the fundamentals of operating a computer keyboard using the touch approach. Proper techniques for learning the alphabetic, numeric and symbol key locations will be taught. Emphasis will be given to one of the primary purposes of leaning to keyboard which is to input quickly and accurately personal business letters, reports and tables in proper format. Speed requirements will be 20 to 30 words per minute for five minutes. At registration, students will be assigned a one-hour per week lab space in order to facilitate the completion of homework assignments.

Basic Skills Co-requisites: ENG088, ESL062, ACR094

Course Credit: 3

Prof. Francisca Campos |

Special Instructions and Information:

Students are required to email the instructor upon registration. This initial e-mail will ensure that you receive the syllabus for the course, which is e-mailed on the first day of classes.

Students must register and log onto Blackboard on the first day of classes.

Requirements: Windows Operating System or MAC, MS Word (2007 or 2010), Internet access.

Required Kit:
Scott Ober, Jackson E. Johnson, Arlene Zimmerly: Gregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing, Word 2007, 11th Edition, Lessons 1-60.  Kit 1 - Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York. ISBN # 0077361393

For Students with Word 2010, Purchase Kit 1 - Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York.  ISBN# 0077356608

Students must check their BMCC email & Blackboard regularly.