HUM 212 0500 - Introduction to Disabilities and Behavior Change

This course focuses on the psychological and sociological aspects of disabling conditions, and the approaches to effecting the person's habilitation/rehabilitation through behavior change.

Course Credit: 3

Sample Syllabus

Professor:  Rosalie Gleicher  -

Special Instructions and Information:

As soon as students have registered for the course, they need to provide Prof. Gleicher with their first and last name, personal e-mail address (non-BMCC), and cell phone number by sending an e-mail to Prof. Gleicher at: Students will be notified when the BMCC Blackboard Tutorial is ready for practice online and the dates of the in person Blackboard Orientation at BMCC. Students earn 5 points of extra credit from completing the Blackboard Tutorial Online or in person. Students will receive a copy of the Course Syllabus, Course Guide, Textbook information, and will be notified when the book is at the BMCC Bookstore. Students will be notified when this Course is available in Blackboard, which will be at least two weeks before the semester starts.