CHE 121 081 - Fundamentals General, Organic, Biological Chemistry I

This is a two semester course sequence (CHE121 and CHE122) that introduces principles and concepts of general, organic, and biological chemistry. The laboratory will provide experimental applications of these chemical topics. CHE 121-122- Two terms are required. They are liberal arts electives. They are recommended for students intending to transfer to bachelor degree Allied Health Science curricula.

This course satisfies Pathways "Life and Physical Science" and "Scientific World" areas.

CHE 121-122 cannot be granted credit to fulfill degree requirements for Science (A.S.) and Engineering (A.S.).

CHE 121-122 do not meet the science requirement for the Liberal Arts degree (A.A.).

Pre-requisites: ACR094, ENG088, ESL062, and MAT051 / MAT012.


Course Credit: 04

Lab Hours: 03HRS.

Professor: Sumeyra Yumak

Special Instructions and Information:

This is a hybrid course meeting every Monday from 8am to 10:45am in N562.