MAT 150 0504 - Introduction to Statistics

Course Description: This course covers basic statistics, including: measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, graphs, correlation, the regression line, confidence intervals, the significance of differences, and hypothesis testing, including z-tests, t-tests, and chi-square tests.

About the Course:
This course is an introduction to statistical methods. We will learn: first, how to plan an experiment or survey, how to gather data; second, how to organize, represent, and summarize the data; third, how to draw conclusions. Methods we will learn include: analyzing experimental design, creating visual representations of data, probability, estimating the population mean or percentage, hypothesis testing, regression.

Basic Skills Prerequisites: ESL062, ACR094, MAT051/MAT012

Course Credit: 04

Lab Hours: 0HRS.

Professor Jason Samuels

Special Instructions and Information: