Is E-Learning Right For Me?

This self-check is designed to help you decide if an online or partially online (hybrid) e-learning course would be a good option for you. It should take about 5 minutes. If you have never used Blackboard for a course, please click here for a quick tour of the online course environment. If you have any questions about e-learning, please email

1. I have access to a computer:
 At home or anywhere with my laptop
 At home
 At work and on BMCC computers
 Through a friend and on BMCC computers

2. My experience using a web browser and navigating the Internet is:
 Excellent, I am very comfortable finding information online and can often help others
 Good, I am usually comfortable finding information online
 Average, I am not always comfortable, but try anyway
 Slower than average, I am not comfortable and don't desire to try

3. I have experience creating documents using Microsoft Word and feel comfortable attaching files to e-mail messages:
 I am an expert
 My skills are good or average
 My skills are below average
 I do not know how to use Microsoft Word

4. As a reader, I would consider myself:
 Good, I have no trouble reading and understanding text
 Average, I usually understand text without help
 Below average, I often need help to understand text
 Poor, I am not a good reader

5. If a new subject is introduced or if I am given an assignment:
 I usually don't need much help understanding it
 I am comfortable e-mailing an instructor to ask for clarification
 I am uncomfortable e-mailing an instructor, but do it anyway
 I never approach an instructor to admit I don't understand something

6. Regular face-to-to face contact with my professor is:
 Essential to my understanding a concept
 Would be helpful to my understanding a concept
 Not essential to my learning, as long as I am in contact with him/her
 Not essential to my learning

7. I learn better when I listen to my professor explain a concept rather than reading from the course materials:
 Always true
 Frequently true if the subject is difficult for me
 Occasionally true, but I can usually learn by reading text
 Rarely true even if the subject is difficult

8. Expressing my thoughts in writing is:
 Easy for me
 Usually easy, but I need practice
 Sometimes difficult
 Almost always difficult

9. I believe participating in discussions through an online forum or through e-mail:
 Would help me learn
 Could potentially help me learn, but I'm not certain
 I've never tried it, so I'm not certain
 Would not help me learn

10. I would classify myself as someone who is generally:
 Self-motivated and always gets things done ahead of time.
 Self-motivated and sometimes gets things done ahead of time.
 Needs reminding to get things done on time.
 Puts things off until the last minute or doesn't complete them.

11. Planning the order of class tasks and following a schedule is:
 Easy for me
 Sometimes difficult, but I will make time for my online class
 Often difficult, due to my work and family obligations
 Usually difficult for me

12. My GPA is:
 No G.P.A. (new transfer or new freshman)
 Between 2.0-3.0
 Between 3.0-3.5
 Above 3.5


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