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Merging Blackboard Course Sections

If you are teaching a course with ASAP, MECA, BLA, College Now, College Discovery or YearUp students, you may find that these students are enrolled in a separate section and therefore separate Blackboard course. In order to give these students access to your regular Blackboard course, you will need to perform a course merge.

Course merge instructions can be found here:

  • Merging as described here simply means copying students from one section to another; content is not affected.
  • Instructors must choose the section to copy students from (source) and the section to copy those students to (target).
  • Only the instructor of the courses can perform the merge.

In this particular situation, please take note of the following:

In step 3 choose the ASAP/MECA/other section (source course)
In step 6 choose the regular course section (target course).

Make the ASAP/MECA/other section unavailable so students don’t get confused.

Remember that merging just copies students from the source course to the target course, but does not affect content at all.

Occasionally the Section Merge Tool module is not visible for some on the Blackboard home page. Scroll all the way through the page to make sure it is not on the bottom or in a different column (for some people it's the last in right-most column). If it is not visible anywhere on the page, please look on the top left of the Blackboard home screen for the button that says Add Module, search for the Section Merge module and re-add it.


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