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ESL Courses

ESL 49 English as a Second Language

0 crs. 3 hrs.

ESL 54 English as a Second Language

0 crs. 9 hrs.
These two Intensive English courses are designed in their combined form to improve the reading/writing and aural/oral skills of the low-intermediate student. These two courses must be taken concurrently and are obligatory for one semester for all incoming ESL students whose placement examinations show a need for instruction at this level.


ESL 94 English as a Second Language

0 crs. 6 hrs.
This advanced level course emphasizes writing and reading skills; however, oral skills are not neglected. In writing, students focus on introducing, developing, supporting and organizing their ideas in expository essays, as well as in narrative and descriptive writing.

ESL 95 Intensive Writing

0 crs. 6 hrs.
This intensive writing course for ESL students focuses on basic components of effective writing, including paragraph development and structure, sentence structure, word choice, and content. Students read and respond to a variety of texts and use argumentation, narrative, and description as modes of developing ideas in writing.

ESL Assessment

Successful completion of ESL95 and exit from writing remediation entails obtaining a passing score on the final exam, the CATW (CUNY Assessment Test in Writing).

In ESL54, ESL62, and ESL94, students take a departmental final exam (with the exception of portfolio classes) designed for their level. Students in these classes should obtain a score of 6 to advance to ESL62, a score of 8 to advance to ESL94, and a score of 10 to advance to ESL95. These exams are scored on an ESL scale (i.e., not the CATW scale).

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