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Course Features

CLIP is:

  • a very intensive program: you are in class 25 hours a week with the same teacher for the whole semester
  • preparation for college writing, reading, speaking and study skills
  • writing intensive; you go to the computer lab every day for an hour to work on essays and do research
  • interesting reading of novels, newspapers, biographies, non-fiction
  • practice for speaking in public; you will give many presentations to your class
  • a safe place where you can talk to our CLIP counselor about personal and academic problems any time
  • a place to learn about being a successful student and to explore different programs such as ASAP that are available to BMCC students when you leave CLIP

CLIP helps you to save your financial aid:

  • we lend you the books you read
  • CLIP costs very little: NY residents pay only $180 for the fall or spring semester and $75 for the summer semester

Why do I need to take CLIP when I can take regular ESL courses?

Here are some differences between regular ESL courses and CLIP:

  • CLIP meets for 25 hours a week; remedial courses meet for 12 hours a week
  • CLIP costs $180 a semester: remedial courses cost $2,400 and use up your financial aid
  • CLIP students write their essays in class and in the computer lab
  • CLIP students get individual attention from their teachers and tutors to help with writing in class; regular ESL students go to the writing center for tutoring

For more information call the CLIP office at (212) 776-2423 or (212) 776-2419.

CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP)

163 West 125th Street, 6th floor (see map)
New York, NY 10007
Clip Office
25 Broadway, 8th floor
(212) 776-2423 or (212) 776-2419

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Fridays: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Fall and Spring semesters only)