GIS 325 - GIS Internship

The objective of the internship is to allow the student to put classroom theory in /major into the practice in order to gain work experience. Each student-intern will work 15 hours a week for the length of the semester. Each student-intern is assigned to an internship professor who is knowledgeable about the student's field. The internship professor helps the student secure internship placement in a work site related to the student's major, or assists the student to "reconstruct" her/his present position as an internship, or develop - by special arrangement and an internship with her/his present employer, and serves as the student's instructor and advisor during the field experience. Student interns are expected to work 15 hours a week, complete a term project assigned by the internship professor, and be evaluated by the work site supervisor. Students to be placed are expected to arrange their schedules so that they are free mornings, or afternoons, Monday-Friday, or two to three full days per week.
Prerequisite: Completion of all remedial requirements; GPA of 3.0 in major courses; demonstrated excellence in oral and written communication (B or better in ENG 201 and SPE 100/102 or permission of the instructor); completion of CED 201; completion of at least 36 credits including prerequisites for GIS students and CIS 395, GIS 261, MAT 209.

Course Credit: 2