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Why should I have a CCT?
By having the CCT, you demonstrate your commitment, extra effort and ability to achieve in college, which will help to set you apart from other applicants, thereby giving you the “Competitive Edge” when applying to colleges, for scholarships and employment.

When is the best time to activate my CCT?
The best time to start your CCT is during your freshman year at BMCC. The sooner you begin, the more complete your CCT will look and the easier it will be to document your activities. You can activate your CCT and add entries at any time.

How are activities included on my CCT?
Once your CCT account is active, you may add an activity from one of the drop down boxes on your co-curricular transcript page. Once added, the activity will be placed in “pending status.” It will become a permanent part of your CCT once approved by an administrator. There are also some activities at BMCC that will automatically be added to your “co-curricular manager.”All entries should be submitted at the completion of the activity, but no later than the end of the semester/session in which the activities occurred.

May I include employment experience on my CCT?
No, employment experiences or any paid activity (such as a paid internship or work-study) should be documented on your resume. If you would like assistance in creating or to have someone go over your resume with you, please stop by the Center for Career Development in room S342 to speak with a Career Advisor.

May I include off-campus activities on my CCT?
Off-campus activities may be included on your CCT if they are sponsored or approved by BMCC. The event or activity must be requested by the faculty or staff adviser using the "Faculty & Staff Activity Submission Form" and approved by the CCT Review Committee. For questions regarding this, please send an email to

How are my activities verified?
Entries will be verified by the Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Civic Responsibility within the Office of Student Activities. The Office of Student Activities will contact appropriate staff or faculty members to validate the entry.

May I make changes to my CCT?
You may make changes to your CCT while your entries are in “PENDING” status. Once your activities have been verified they are permanent and cannot be changed or removed.

Is there a cost for an official copy of my CCT?
There is no cost at all.

How long is my CCT kept after I leave BMCC?
Your CCT is kept on file for 15 years. You will only be able to access your CCT information online 2 years after you leave BMCC.

What is the difference between an official CCT and an unofficial CCT?
The official CCT is distributed by the College and bears the College’s raised seal, watermark, and the signature of the Chief Student Affairs Officer. The unofficial transcript may be printed by the student at any time and will have the word “unofficial” printed across the page.

To whom may my CCT be sent?
The official CCT may be sent, for example, to employers, colleges and scholarship boards.

Who has access to my CCT?
Only select administrators and BMCC staff have access to your CCT.

Office of Student Activities   (OSA)

Room S234
Phone: (212) 220-8160

OSA Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.