CED 361 - Business Management Internship I

Each student intern is assigned to a coordinator (a faculty member in the Department of Cooperative Education) who is knowledgeable about the student's field. The coordinator helps the student secure internship placement and serves as the student's instructor and advisor during the field experience. In addition, the student has a unique opportunity to discuss and evaluate broader goals and career objectives on an individual basis. Cooperative Education interns are expected to: work fifteen (15) hours a week, complete a term project assigned by the coordinator, and be evaluated by the worksite supervisor. Most students work part-time, fifteen (15) hours per week, a minimum of 150 hours per semester, in a field related to their majors while remaining full-time students and receive two (2) academic credits. When possible, employers will offer interns a stipend or hourly pay. A student may accept a volunteer (non-paid) rather than a paid assignment in order to complete the necessary internship requirements.

Course Credit: 2