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Travel & Tourism

Tour Management will introduce the students to the international aspects of tour planning and implementation. They will learn how to develop international travel programs including tour design, development and budgets, guiding, escorting, tour management and organization, ecotourism and adventure tourism. Students will travel to a country with travel and tourism professionals from the private and public sectors of this country. They will experience the cultural diversity of other countries and understand how they relate to tour management. This is a study abroad course.

Course Syllabus
This course provides the student with a basic knowledge of travel and its various purposes: business, educational, cultural, therapeutic, recreational and family reasons. The factors affecting demand and supply are studied in detail. The final objective is for a student to acquire a thorough knowledge of "Tourism" embracing the foundations of transportation, accommodations, business and special activities which lure a person away from home.

Course Syllabus
This course is designed to qualify individuals to obtain employment in airlines and steamship companies as travel consultants, reservation agents, and account representatives. In addition, this course is designed for students interested in working and eventually owning their own travel agency. Topics include air, rail and ship transportation systems; ticketing; sales methods; and travel agency financing. Prerequisite: TTA 200

Course Syllabus
This course is designed to analyze the environment within which international travel, tourism and commerce take place. The major purpose of this course is to study the markets of the world in order to develop marketing strategies and methods for travel and tourism. Differences among countries and peoples are presented in this context. Some of the specific topics covered are map study, international marketing, marketing research, logistics and economic profiles of countries.

Course Syllabus

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