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Finance & Banking

This course focuses on the three general areas of 1) money and financial institutions, 2) business financial management, and 3) investments. These areas are surveyed by covering such topics as value and creation of money, the Federal Reserve System, commercial banks, short and medium term financing, and the behavior of securities markets in relation to financing the business enterprise.
Prerequisites: MAT 051 or exemption from Elementary Algebra.

Course Syllabus
Students are introduced to the principles and practices involved in the extension of credit in the business world. The course covers operation of the credit department, including the duties of the credit manager and credit investigators, credit analysis of financial statements, bases for credit judgment, collection procedures, legal problems, accounts receivable, financing, and factoring.Prerequisite: ACC 122 or departmental approval

Course Syllabus
This course surveys principles and practices followed in the financial organization and operation of a corporation. Also considered are the financing of new and growing businesses, sources of capital, banking, and credit accommodations as well as the handling of other financial matters.
Prerequisites: FNB 100, ACC 122

Course Syllabus
This course emphasizes the principles, policies and practices followed in the granting of consumer and retail credit, bases for credit judgment, collection policies and procedures, government regulations, retail revolving and installment credit, charge accounts, bank credit card and non-bank credit, and the management of a consumer or retail credit department.
Prerequisite: BUS 104 or departmental approval

Course Syllabus
This course is an analysis of the organization and operation of our financial system, including money and capital markets, commercial banking, and other financial institutions such as commercial finance companies. The relationship between financial and economic activity including monetary and fiscal policy is demonstrated.
Prerequisite: FNB 100 or ECO 100 or ECO 201 or ECO 202

Course Syllabus
The principles and practices of investments are analyzed during this course. Students learn to recognize the quantitative and qualitative tests used in judging security values. Attention is given to the legal and financial characteristics of various types of investment securities. Personal portfolio problems and policies are considered in terms of objectives and investment decisions.Prerequisites: FNB 100, ACC 122

Course Syllabus

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