Final Notes

Classroom Masks

While the formal Designing for Success process has been completed, the strategic plan provides a roadmap to continue institutional efforts to realize ambitious strategic priorities by focusing on strategic goals, strategic actions, and KPIs. BMCC will continue to take an intentional and organic approach to planning efforts that provides opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to offer recommendations and leadership given their knowledge, expertise, and connection with the daily operations of the College. One example out of many to come is the reconstitution of the Equity and Inclusion Taskforce. The work of this committee was critical to the strategic planning process and, accordingly, many of the members supported the finalization of the 2020-2025 strategic plan. Starting in 2020-2021, the taskforce will be reconstituted with a new name and an expanded charge to strengthen BMCC’s vital work in advancing equity and dismantling structural racism.

BMCC’s Designing for Success strategic planning process started with a comprehensive, institution-wide examination of what works in regard to student success. This effort was supported by the College’s participation as an AACC Guided Pathways 2.0 member; however, the focus from the beginning was on establishing BMCC-specific approaches and solutions aimed at realizing our mission, supporting our students, and enhancing our role within NYC. The strategic planning process evolved over a two-year period and while it considered best and promising planning practices across higher education, the final product is unique to BMCC. The College is grateful for and deeply appreciative of the more than 1,000 individuals who were directly involved in Designing for Success, resulting in a strong, relevant, and impactful plan to guide our vital work. The priorities, goals, and actions came directly from the work of the committees, the analyses of focus groups and college-wide forums, and an expanded use of institutional reporting and predictive analytics. Designing for Success: Taking What Works to Scale was created from the collective voice and wisdom of the community, to benefit our students, the College, and our city.