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Seven Things New Clubs Need to Know

  1. Personal Service Contract (PSC)
    Vendor signatures are often missing on lower left corner of the contract. Without this, the contract can not become legally binding. Ensure your vendor signs off in this area. Also Disbursement Vouchers with personal service contracts should be filled out and submitted together at least 10 business days in advance to allow for proper processing and approval.

  2. Material Logistics
    Vendors have different delivery schedules so receiving critical goods and services require that you make purchasing arrangements on time. For example in an award ceremony, materials such as plaques or decorations are important and should be given priority and adequate time for ordering. Not doing this can have severe effects on your event.

  3. Know your Budget
    Budget lines may only be spent according to how they were intended by the SGA. For example, money from a club’s refreshment line may not be used for an event other than club meetings on Wednesday 2 to 4 PM. To move funds around to areas they are needed in your budget you are required to submit a Line Modification Form to the SGA.

  4. Bids
    Some Disbursement Vouchers are rejected because of the lack of bids. Disbursement Vouchers for goods or services requires three bids for up to $2,500. All bids must be comparable. For example, 3 bids on T-shirts would have the same brand (Hanes for example) priced from 3 different vendors.

  5. File all Necessary Documents
    Disbursement Vouchers are often delayed because an Event Application was not submitted to the Office of Student Activities. This application grants permission from the school to do off-campus and on - campus events.

  6. Bad Vendors
    Some vendors are rejected for lack of documents or bad history. If our college has had bad experiences with a vendor that exposed our students to danger or severe inconveniences we will most likely not use that vendor’s services in the future.

  7. Late Semester Spending
    The money given to clubs in their budgets are meant to be spent meaningfully during the semester. Some clubs rush to use unspent funds in the last weeks of the semester. This is not encouraged as these events and purchases often go past the deadline for the end of all club activities in the semester.

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