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Where do club budgets come from?
Club budgets are funded by student activity fees that are collected each semester. $29 out of $43.85 for full-time students and $13 out of $21.85 for part-time students goes to the BMCC Association. Through the Student Government Association a portion of that money is given to clubs in the form of a budget.

How many clubs are at BMCC?
There are over 70 active clubs on campus that are funded by student activity fees. They include academics, cultural, professional, religious, social, and special interest clubs.

How much will your graduation cap and gown cost you?
Zero, that is not a typo. Graduation attire is paid for by student activity fees.

Did you know that you can study abroad through BMCC?
Funds from student activity fees are also used to sponsor overseas studies in countries throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia. 60% of costs are paid by student activity fees and 40% of costs are paid by students..

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