Behavioral Assessment Response Team (BART) On-Line Reporting System

As a faculty or staff member, you have the ability in the keeping a look out for our students. You have the most contact time with our students and are a great resource to report concerns regarding students to those that can assist them in overcoming some roadblocks at BMCC and ensure their success. This system is set up to assist you to report such concerns. (This on-line form is not to be in lieu of the Academic Warning Form. Please continue to use the Academic Warning Form as in the past.)

Level of concern for the student:
Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Your Email:
Your Phone Extension:
Your Department:
Student's Full Name:
Student's BMCC ID (last four digits):
Student's Major (if known):

Student is a member of:

ASAP:  Yes  No  I Don't Know
Athletic Team:  Yes  No  I Don't Know
College Discovery:  Yes  No  I Don't Know
24CC:  Yes  No  I Don't Know
COPE:  Yes  No  I Don't Know
Relationship to the student ( click all that apply):  Current Professor
 Former Professor
 Academic Adviser
 Club Adviser

Areas of Concern and/or Observed Behavior

Academic (click all that apply):
Academic (click all that apply):  Attention issues/Unfocused
 Disruptive in class
 Unprepared for class
 Poor academic performance
 Failure to submit assignments
 Not attending class
 Inappropriate response to assignments
Observed Academic skill deficiencies (click all that apply):  Conceptual
 Language comprehension
Personal (click all that apply):  Restlessness
 Unusual bruising / cutting
 Weight loss/gain
 Stress/feeling overwhelmed
 Symptoms of depression
 Learning/ Physical Disability
Social (click all that apply):  Isolation
 Relationship problems
 Aggressive/ Violent behavior
 Race based issues
 Acculturation issues
Have you reported these concerns to anyone on campus?  Yes
If "Yes", to whom did you report these concerns and when?
Have you spoken to the student about these concerns?  Yes
If "Yes", please describe how the conversation went.
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