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Student Testimonials


Daniel Buritica

Tulua, Colombia
ASAP made it easier for me to come in to school. I receive the minimum of financial aid and ASAP helped me with the remaining debt; and I received a Metro card. ASAP also gave me the academic support that I needed. My advisor is a very important person in my college life, and advises me with class selections, plans for graduation and employment. My advice to new students is to take advantage of all the benefits that ASAP offers, because it give students the tools to succeed in college without worrying with debt, and in some cases like mine, graduating debt free.


Rebekah Love Christie

New York, NY (raised in Staten Island)
I graduated from BMCC in Spring 2016 and I am currently a junior at John Jay majoring in Gender Studies and my minor is Africana Studies. I decided to attend BMCC for its convenience to my home at the time (Brooklyn), it was affordable and within my financial aid budget, and it also had my major of interest (business). My dream is to empower young girls and women through education. ASAP assisted me in pursuing my dreams by exposing me to opportunities. ASAP helped me to advance my resourcefulness and be more confident in asking for help. In addition, ASAP has given me the financial support I needed so I can focus on my outside goals. ASAP makes a student's college experience easier.


Princess Zadi

Ivory Coast (West Africa)
I have been in New York City for six years now. I am currently studying Liberal Arts and my decision to attend BMCC was because of the family-like environment I found at the college. Upon entering the ASAP program, the personalized advisement sessions I had with my advisor helped me keep track of my progress, and achieve proficiency. Being a college student is a wonderful experience, it is not a tough decision as many think but being committed is what is tough particularly when dealing with school expenses. The ASAP is an excellent opportunity for students to alleviate their expenses because they wouldn’t have to worry about books and MetroCard expenses, as well as covering any gap in tuition.