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Financial Benefits of ASAP

It takes investment to succeed, and ASAP will invest in you! ASAP relieves students of some of the pressures of having to pay for college.  All ASAP students will receive textbook assistance to reduce or eliminate the cost of textbooks. Students who are eligible for federal and/or state financial aid will receive a tuition wavier to pay the balance of tuition and school fees. (See the Financial Aid web site for help for information about applying for financial aid.)

Connected Community

Imagine studying in a small, connected group of students who share your interests and drive. As an ASAP student, you will become a member of a cohort along with other students who share the same aspirations of completing their degree quickly. You will attend the summer institute orientation and in your first year take some of your classes with this close-knit group, and your classes will be taught by BMCC faculty who know you as an individual and are committed to helping you achieve your full potential.

ASAP Class Schedule

Students participating in ASAP will be expected to enroll fulltime every semester and to follow a modified block schedule for their first two semesters at the College. The schedule will consist of 2 blocked classes, 2-3 non-blocked courses (student’s choice) and an ACE101 (ASAP College Experience) workshop. Students enrolled in any remedial course(s), must continuously take class until they pass, including the winter and summer semester.

Academic Support

As an ASAP student, you will get the mentoring and guidance you need to succeed. Coursework you complete in the pre-college summer program will ensure that you are ready for college work in the fall semester.

Throughout the academic year, skilled tutors will be available to give you an added academic boost outside the classroom in any subject that you need. An experienced, full-time advisor will follow your progress, guide you to wise decisions about your future, connect you to services to give you an edge in your field, and help you transfer to the right college to pursue your bachelor’s degree. 

If you choose to pursue further study after your Associate's degree, your advisor will help you transfer smoothly to the baccalaureate program best suited for you.

Career Counseling

In addition to guiding your academic path, the ASAP Career and Employment Specialist will help you explore your career, coach you find employment while you are in school and when you graduate.