CIS 207 - Healthcare Information Technologies and Management Systems

This course will introduce the important components of Health Information Technologies (HIT) and elements, functions and operational environment of modern Health Information Systems (HIS) and their role in delivery and management of health care services, with specific emphasis on Electronic Health Records (HER). The students will apply personal productivity software and internet tools to explore their impact on healthcare delivery systems and will be introduced to the components of a Health Information System with focus on database, networking and security concepts that govern it. The students will also be exposed to handling and processing patient information, tracking patient diagnostics and results, creating patient billing, maintaining medical documentation, and managing workflow. Examples of HIS applications such as Personal Health Records (PHR) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) will be used as case studies to highlight the design and implementation considerations of Health Information Systems.
Prerequisites: HIT 203, HIT 204, HIT 207, HIT 208, HIT 210 and CIS 100
Corequisites: HIT 331, HIT 332 and HIT 333

Course Credit: 4

Lab Hours: 4HRS.