Tour Requests

We invite you to attend a guided tour of our campus to understand the many opportunities that awaits you at BMCC. You will find two kinds of tours on this page: personal tours and School/Community Based Organization (CBO) Tours.

A School/CBO Tour consists of an Admissions Ambassador leading prospective students chaperoned by a teacher/counselor/CBO director around our campus to educate them on BMCC’s facilities, programs, and resources. A personal tour consists of an individual prospective student and their guests taking a tour of the campus with an Admissions Ambassador.

For School/CBO Tours, please note:

  • School/CBO Tours should not exceed 25 registrants; this allows for the best student experience
  • Please note: School/CBO Tours DO NOT include an information session. Please, send any special requests to
  • Tours run for approximately 90 minutes
  • Tours should be requested, at minimal, 2 weeks in advance

See you soon!

Learn more about how BMCC partners with community-based organizations.

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