How to Apply

Becoming a summer scholar is easy! Apply or register online.

Which application should I complete?

  • New Freshman app: Freshman students have never registered for or taken any post-secondary coursework after completing high school.
  • New Transfer app: Transfer students have registered for or completed some post-secondary coursework after completing high school and intend to earn credits toward a BMCC degree. If you have attained any post-secondary degree, and intend to complete another degree through BMCC, please apply as a transfer student.
  • Non-Degree app: Non-degree students have completed high school (or equivalent) and wish to take a course for their own enrichment, but not earn any credit toward a BMCC degree. Common non-degree applicants include visiting students from other institutions and students who have already earned a degree.

Readmission for past BMCC students (degree-seeking and non-degree)

If you have taken classes and earned grades at BMCC in the past, but skipped a semester or stopped attending, we’d love to welcome you back to campus!

To take summer courses, complete a readmit form. A $20 readmission fee will be added to your tuition bill. Then, you may register for classes using CUNYfirst.

If you have taken courses as a non-degree student before, but not every semester, you must complete a readmit form before registering for classes.

Important deadlines

  • May 6 — Priority Summer 1 Application Deadline
  • May 27 — Final day to register for Session 1 without Late fee
  • June 23— Priority Summer 2 Application Deadline
  • July 14 — Final day to register for Session 2 without Late fee

CUNY Summer Session