Frequently Asked Questions

Reprographics serves the printing needs of the faculty and staff of BMCC.

The person named on the order is placed as the default recipient of the printed work. If you would like your printed materials given to a different person or department, please list them in the name field of the request. BMCC ID may be required to retrieve work.

Please list detail in an email or inform reprographics staff of your needs.

Reprographics does not accept hard copies. In order to have something reproduced from hard copy form, you must scan it as a digital file and submit it via our print shop website. Many departmental copiers across campus have a scan function, which will scan your document and allow you to send the file to your personal email.

You are provided a confirmation/job order number when your print job is submitted. To inquire about your job status, simply call us with your name, department, and job number.

The cost total you see when submitting a job is for administrative purposes only. BMCC faculty and staff are not charged for our standard services.

Turnaround time is dependent upon the specifications of the job and the quantity requested. Straightforward black-and-white photocopying, such as class handouts, syllabi, and exams, take one to three business days. Other jobs may require more lead-time, which you can learn about here.  Please give ample time to ensure a successful printing project.

Reprographics offers pick-up and delivery options within the main building when staff is available.

Absolutely! Exams receive special attention. Students do not have access to exams at any time during the drop-off, printing, or delivery process. Students cannot handle exams (faculty/staff ID is required for pickup) and they are not permitted in the operations area of the print shop. In addition, all exams are treated as rush jobs.

All printing orders that require outside mailing must be designed and produced according to U.S. Postal Service guidelines. As such, all orders that will utilize the College Bulk Mail account must be submitted to Mail Services for review and approval.

It is essential that you proofread your material before submitting your work. Do not wait until the job is already in production to check for content, punctuation, or spelling errors. Reprographics is not responsible for such. If you notice the error promptly after submission, it is possible to call us and cancel the order before it goes into production, but there are no guarantees.

The annual maintenance contract for all BMCC departmental is submitted in July for the fiscal year by Reprographics. Should service or supplies (excludes paper) be needed, please send an email Once a technician is arranged or supplies are available we will notify you.