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Past Recipients


  • Allen, David, Mathematics. “Topological Structures Hidden Within Music”
  • Bandi-Rao, Shoba, Academic Literacy and Linguistics. “Using Prosodic Notations to Help Unskilled Readers Read Fluently”
  • Fernandez Romero, Jose, Science, “Anti-HIV Synergy and Broad-Spectrum of Different combinations of HIV Entry Inhibitors”
  • Fow, Elizabeth, English. “The Female Face of the Hero”
  • Geddis, Matthew, Science. “Elucidating the Effects of Native Hawaiian Plants on Neuronal Differentiation, Regeneration and Modulation.”
  • Leyro, Shirley, Social Sciences. “Vulnerability to Deportation as Legal Violence Inflicted Upon Non-Citizen Immigrants”
  • Madole, Sarah, Music and Art. “An Attic Battle Sarcophagus from Roman Syria in its Context”
  • Marinez, Sophie, MLD. “Haitian and Dominican Diasporas in the United States: A Comparative Approach”
  • McCarthy, Chris, Mathematics. “Mathematical Models of Column Filters”
  • McGee, Michael, Health Education. “Antecedents to Romantic Relationship Formation: The Role of Sexuality Education”
  • Navarro, Abel E., Science. “Primping Solid Wastes as Eco-Friendly Filters for the Bioremediation of Antibiotics from Wastewaters”
  • Tesfagiorgis, Kibrewossen, “Investigation of location error in satellite preciptation estimates using a radar-gauge product”
  • Varade, Kristina, MLD. “European-Arab Intersections: An Examination of Hospitality”
  • Vinsonhaler, Nettie Christine, English. “The Bardic Beowulf: Performance, Translation, and Scholarship”
  • Whitney, Elizabeth, Speech. “Dangerous Realities: Transnational Performances of Queer Community”
  • Wu, Lina, Mathematics. “Solving Liouville-type Problems on Manifolds with Poincare-Sobolev Inequality by Broadening Finite q-energy to Infinite q-energy”
  • Zaman, Meryam, Social Sciences. “Transforming Discourses: Sacred Stories, Islamic Authority and Women”


  • Ainoa Íñigo, MLD. “A Gender Perspective on 2666 by Roberto Bolaño”
  • Jungah Kim, English. “Teaching Asian American Literature in the Multicultural College Classroom”
  • Kwasi Konadu, Center for Ethnic Studies. “Making African in the Modern World: Slavery, Spirituality and Racial Ideology in the 16th Century”
  • Hao Tang, CIS. “Accurate Indoor 3D Model Generation by Integrating Architectural Floor Plan and RGBD Images”
  • Bertha Ferdman, Speech, Communication and Theatre Arts. “Theatre in the White Room: How Dramaturgy and Curatorial Practices are Intersecting in the Contemporary Arts”
  • Leigh LaBerge, English. “The Campus Novel and the Work of the Humanities in the Financial University”
  • Charles Post, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “The War at Home in Akron: The Impact of Opposition to the No-Strike Pledge in the United Rubber Workers: 1940-1960”
  • Rochelle Rives, English. “California All the Way: Nathanael West and the Expression of Age”
  • Claire Wladis, Mathematics. “Validation of the Elementary Algebra Concept Inventory”
  • Erik Freas, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “Research for Completing the Manuscript: Exclusivity of Holiness”
  • Yolanda Martin, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “Prescription to Opiods (PTO) in the South Bronx: Behavioral Patterns and Intersectional Profiles -  A Pilot Study”
  • Jamie Warren, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “Rethinking the Politics of Antebellum Slave Funerals”


  • Silvia Álvarez-Olarra, MLD.  “Temporality and Identity in a Slide Motion Film: The Case of ‘Año uña’ (2007)”
  • Valerie Thiers-Thiam, MLD.  “Resilient Women in Francophone Literature Resilient Women in Francophone Literature”
  • Soniya Munshi, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice.From Exception to Center: Carceral Feminisms, Immigration Enforcement and the Figure of the Immigrant Domestic Violence Victim-Survivor”
  • Marjan Persuh, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “The Role of Automatic Processes in Behavior”
  • Paula Saunders, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “The History and Economy of Dougaldston Estate in Grenada”
  • Egit Esin,  “Generation 1980: Self and Subjectivity among Middle-Class Women in Istanbul, Turkey”
  • Timothy Keane, English. “Defining the Ecstatic Autobiography”
  • Elizabeth Wissinger, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “The Gendered Dimensions of Wearable Tech”
  • Roger Foster, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “Finance, Neoliberalism and Social Character”
  • Christine Jacknick, Academic Literacy and Linguistics. “Space for Learning: Examining Classroom Discourse”
  • Sarah Haviland, Music and Art. “Conference of the Birds: A Walk-In Sculptural Aviary”
  • Chiaki Yanagisawa, Science. “Development of Image Analysis Method for Super-resolution Microscope”
  • Shanti Rywkin, Science. “Confocal Raman Microscopy Studies of the Interaction of Phenothiazine Coated Gold”
  • Sarah Salm, Science. “Isolation and Characterization of Heavy Metal Tolerant: Bacteria from Contaminated Water”
  • Mariya Komolova, Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice. “Adolescent Autonomy Development in Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union”