Suspension and Dismissal

The board reserves full power to dismiss or suspend a student, or suspend a student organization for conduct which impedes, obstructs, or interferes with the orderly and continuous administration and operation of any college, school, or unit of the university in the use of its facilities or in the achievement of its purposes as an educational institution.

The chancellor or chancellor’s designee, a president or any dean may, during emergency or extraordinary circumstances, temporarily suspend a student, or temporarily suspend the privileges of a student organization or group for cause, pending an early hearing as provided in bylaw section 15.3. to take place within not more than seven (7) school days. Prior to the commencement of a temporary suspension of a student, the college shall give such student oral or written notice of the charges against him/her and, if he/she denies them, the college shall forthwith give such student an informal oral explanation of the evidence supporting the charges and the student may present informally his/her explanation or theory of the matter. When a student’s presence poses a continuing danger to person or property or an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process, notice and opportunity for denial and explanation may follow suspension, but shall be given as soon as feasible thereafter.

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